Fountain Aura Mist


Our newest Fountain Aura Mist is a handmade organic blend of pure essences created with intention to enhance divine inspiration and guidance. Ideal to spray on the body or as a room spray, to purify the aura and clear the space for our connection with Soul, the artist within. Particularly useful during periods of stress, in which the speed of the mind doesn’t allow us to sit and appreciate our presence as living, creating beings.

Fountain Aura Mist is inspired by the homonymous album ‘How to Build a Fountain’ by Agua Viva [shop here], combining aromatherapy and sound as invisible forces of connection with mother nature and ourselves.


Rose [Promotes and inspires love and creativity. Helps us connect with the angelic realm]

Sandalwood [Grounds and connects us with Mother Earth. Promotes sense of being protected, of being home]

Patchouli [Encourages spontaneity, the ability to manifest our creative ideas]

Bergamot [Uplifts the spirit]

2% pure alcool for preservation

Pure distilled water

100% organic botanical essences
Handmade serigraphy on glass

Made in Milan, Italy


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