Conference of The Angels





Trying to chant the heroic gilded age in flowers: an angelic caress in music form. Within this cassette, artists Benny Goodman and Francesca Heart create a holistic sonic ambience for all the senses, as a simple bridge that proves and enforces the inner non-material connection between beings and manifestations of energy.


Through deep listening, “Conference of the Angels” proves itself to be more than a musical artifact from some lost pacific age of wonder, but a proper sensorial instrument of communication which pushes the boundaries in between states of consciousness and expands individualities of all things. In between the ​ouvres ​by Hildegard von Bingen and the poetics of Iasos, Goodman and Heart trace a path led by “Songs for Humanity, Animals, Plants and Minerals”, finding the way to the places they belong following the “Voices of Ascension”.


In Goodman and Heart’s universe, angels fly on wings of lights and vapour. They can’t be touched or seen but they can be felt floating and heard singing. They speak in tongues and express themselves with the one, universal language.


New-New age total relaxxxation and full mind/body experience dedicated to all beings and things that can listen and feel. The ark has been open for them. From wherever they come from, to wherever they go. This is a message for you.


– from Lance Belafonte’s “​Personal notes on music through the ages​”



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