Agua Viva – How to Build a Fountain (cassette+digital)


Hydrofemme is proud to present How to Build a Fountain, the new album by Argentinian born, NYC-based artist Josi Arias.


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Aguaviva is a musical project by singer songwriter Josi Arias, a multidisciplinary Argentine artist living in New York. Throughout her career Josi has fused galactic soundscapes with dream pop, tropical beats, and surreal bilingual lyricism.

The pandemic affected all artists profoundly- for her it was a moment to deepen her knowledge of music production, and focus on meditational music, to explore the moment we faced as a planet. 

How To Build A Fountain brings together Josi’s tradition of south of the border synth pop, and her work using cosmic soundscapes. The result is a record that captures scenes of an ethereal nightclub, a discotheque in the sky, an ancient and futuristic female choir, a time to enjoy being alive but also to reflect.






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