You’ve reached the secret waterfall…

If you feasted your eyes on the apothecary, let us tell you a bit more about the origins of this quest for Ultimate Relaxation.

HYDROFEMME is an independent project on aphrodisiac waters and soothing sounds
based in Milan, Italy.

It is the product of a wider study on Fluid Systems Resonance: a research involving Dance, Expressive Arts Therapy, Pleasure Activism and Soothing Music as gateways to access higher vibrational frequency of abundance, connection and intimacy.

A playground for curious spirits, joyful dancers, erotic souls and water nymphs. 

Our artefacts are handcrafted and composed with organic, beautiful plants and exposed to Reiki before they arrive to you.

 Senses are gently tickled simultaneously
through soothing oils, naturally perfumed scents and music compositions.
The erotic force of the plant world and its hydric systems assists us in nourishing our physical, spiritual and digital landscapes.

The act of listening, caressing and nourishing shapes harmonic architectures in tune
with a slow-paced present.

 Hydrofemme is a whisper coming from an Ancient Well.  


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